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Balaji Dehydration takes pride in supplying superior quality dehydrated products to our customers. Our ability to do so, lies in the fact that we pay close attention to the details when it comes to processing our products. We have a number of quality measures in places and we run regular quality checks at different steps of processing to make sure that the quality of the product does not degrade at any stage. The process of dehydrating and packaging followed at Balaji Dehydration is as follows:

Acquiring Top Quality Raw Materials

All raw materials that reach our processing plant are grown at farms which are closely monitored by us to ensure that farming best practices are followed and the products are grown in ideal conditions.

Top and Tailing

All vegetables are peeled and washed in medicated water which has 10PPM of chlorine. The process is completed by automated machines to ensure hygiene and to minimize any scope of errors in the peeling.

Cutting and Slicing

Once they are peeled and washed, the vegetables are uniformly cut and sliced by machines. The vegetables reach the machine on a conveyor belt which again helps in maintaining the hygiene of the products.


This is the stage where the dehydration begins. The vegetables go through two different stages of drying so that they are completely dehydrated. The two stages make sure that the original flavours of the products are retained even after the product has been dehydrated.

Air Cooling

The dehydrated products are cooled down with the help of air conditioning before they enter the machines which give the products their desired form – kibbled, powdered, chopped, granulated, et al.

Color Sorting

Once the products have taken the form in which they will be packaged, they are manually sorted for impurities. Then they are put back into colour sorting machines which make sure that all forms of impurities which may be present in a different colour in the products is removed.

Metal Detection

To make sure that the purity of the products are maintained, we pass them through metal detectors and heavy magnets that help in removing all ferrous and non-ferrous impurities which may be present in the products.


The last step consists of packaging and weighing the products. Great care is taken in the packaging to make sure that the original taste, flavour and aroma of the products are retained till they reach the end users.