Dehydrated Vegetables

We are one of the leading suppliers of superior quality dehydrated vegetables. Since many recipes may require vegetables available in the dehydrated form or they may require the vegetables in the form of flakes, it is easy to depend on dehydrated vegetables. The dehydrated vegetables processed by us are free from all forms of adulteration and you do not have to worry about decay when it comes to our products.

We currently offer superior quality of dehydrated potatoes and dehydrated tomatoes. Both the vegetables are available in the form of flakes. They can be added to a number of recipes and the original taste and flavour of both the vegetables is ensured by us.

We take great pains to ensure that our products are of the best quality. We have a lot of quality checks in place throughout the processing of the vegetables to make sure that they meet our customers’ needs. We also maintain an extremely hygienic environment. By following local as well as international standards of packing, processing and hygiene, we are able to provide the best quality dehydrated vegetables to our customers.

Bitter Gourd
Green Chilli
Fava Beans
Lady Finger
Corn Maize