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Balaji Dehydration is an upcoming leader in the export and supply of dehydrated onions, spices and vegetables. We invest heavily in quality controlled dehydration processes to produce optimum dehydrated products. We bring in the best yield from the farmers to ensure that the flavors that our customers are looking for is never lost because of inferior quality of the raw vegetables or spices.

We encourage farmers to utilize advanced farming techniques which preserve the natural essence in the flavour and aroma of the raw materials. The farmers make sure that the cultivation of all the products take place in perfect climatic conditions and in the most natural way to add to the quality of the products.


All our products processed under the most hygienic conditions and most of our machines are automated to involve the least amount of human interference so that the true flavour and aroma of the products that is the integral part of our products remains undamaged.

About Us

Cutting-edge Technology at Our Modernised Processing Plant

The processing plant is the soul of our business. This is why we ensure that it uses superior technology and advanced machines to process the raw materials. We also have a substantial number of quality control processes in place to ensure that the dehydration process is monitored with close attention to detail.

Regular inspections and impromptu checks make sure that the flavour, taste and aroma of our products continues to be the same with every batch. The use of cutting edge technology to automate most of the dehydration process has helped Balaji Dehydration in maintaining the superior quality of its dehydrated products.

Exceedingly Hygienic

Hygiene is another factor which is never compromised at our facilities. Keeping industry best practices in mind, we continually instil the importance of hygiene in our employees. With regular monitoring and continuous quality checks at different levels of processing, we take pride in maintaining a high level of hygiene at our processing plant.

Storage Facility

All products and raw materials are stored in the most idyllic conditions at our warehouse. It is designed to house a substantial number of products and it also provides storage facility for the raw materials. This helps in keeping the raw materials in conditions where it does not lose its natural taste, color or aroma. With the ability to keep the natural qualities of the raw materials intact, we are able to provide the best quality in dehydrated products.

Our warehouse is built with these considerations in mind so that storage does not become a problem for us once we bring in the products from the farms. Additionally, the dehydrated products are also kept in ideal conditions so that they do not lose their qualities.

Our Team

Balaji Dehydration is the brainchild of a team that believes in bringing the natural flavors of India’s onions, garlic and spices to the world through a quality oriented dehydrating process. We bask in the glory of a team of professionals who have extensive knowledge in their fields and who apply their knowledge effectively to provide quality products to our customers. We believe in building last relationships with our customers which is why we continually reach out to them for their feedback to enhance the quality of our products to meet our customers’ expectations.

Food Safety

  •  Food Safety

    Balaji Dehydration endeavours to provide food products that are safe to consume. This is one of the reasons why quality control and hygiene are so high up on our list when it comes to food safety. Another process that ensures the safety of the dehydrated foods is carried out at third party location is the process of microbial reduction, which is achieved with the help of Ethylene Oxide and Propylene Oxide treatments.We provide this treatment based on customer request through a third party.

    We also abide by the GFSI – Global Food Safety Initiative – standards to make sure that the food we supply is safe.

  •  Why Choose Us?

    Balaji Dehydration uses avant-garde machinery at its state-of-the-art processing plant where effective quality control systems helps the company provide quality products.

    We regularly upgrade our systems to employ the best technology for our quality control measures and the processing of the products.